It is our goal at Son Sound to not only give you a first class recording project but to also help aspiring singers and songwriters advance their music careers.

The Artist Development division of our studios offer expertise in almost every facet of the music industry, including:

  • song selection
  • song writing
  • demo recording
  • vocal/performance coaching
  • image consulting
  • promo photos
  • electronic press kits
  • web presence

Work with our professionals... They can help mold you into the artist your want to become. Weekly hourly meeting can be arranged starting at only $45/week for consultations.

There are three steps we have learned that develop an artist...

Step 1: Desire

Are you here? You may be if…

  • You have a dream or desire to be a successful singer-songwriter.
  • You’re singing cover songs or Karaoke now.
  • You’re not sure if you have the talent it takes to make it.
  • You have limited or no experience singing with a band.
  • You don’t know what to do next.

Here’s how we can help you move to the next step:

  • Evaluation: We provide an evaluation of your vocal and/or songwriting talent.
  • Writing: You’ll need to have your own songs that set you apart from everyone else. Join our songwriters groups to hmotivate you to continue and nurture your gift and co-write with other writers..
  • Vocal coaching: pitch, dynamics, breathing & techniques to strengthen your vocal performance.
  • Recording: great producers, great musicians & engineers to get the best recordings possible.
  • Song selection: we can help you find great original songs and/or team you up with co-writers.
  • Performance Coaching: From stage entrance to exit learn to make your performance memorable.

Step 2: Development

Are you here? You may be if…

  • You write your own original songs now.
  • Your songs are not competitive in today’s market.
  • You perform now and then.
  • You are feeling stuck and need to get to the next level.

Here’s what we can help you move to the next step:

  • Evaluation: We provide an evaluation of your vocal and/or songwriting talent.
  • Song Search: We can request various original materials from national publishers and get you the best selection of original material for your project.
  • Professional Vocal Coaching: We have some of the best vocal coaches and live performance/media coaches to prepare you for the studio, the stage and promotional tours.
  • Producers: Any Son Sound  producer will deliver an amazing recording for you. We have producers at every level. From outstanding up and coming guys to award winning producers, they’re all available.
  • Marketing: Once you have a professional package to present, we show you how to market and promote your project.

Step 3: Promotion

Are you here? You may be if…

  • If you have a professionally produced product (CD).
  • If you either have a band or you’re a self contained solo artist.
  • If you have professional photos, bio, press kit or EPK.
  • If you’re performing live at least once a week.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Develop your artist packet/EPK to pitch to record labels.
  • Promote and help with online marketing/website development.
  • Produce your demo packet to present to management companies and booking agencies.

Submit Your Demo to us! - After listening to your demo we can help you determine where you are and what it will take to quickly move you to the next step. So go ahead… Click here for our contact information.

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