Son Sound Studios is a state-of-the-art digital and analog recording studio offering a complete package of recording services.

Whether you need:
 :: a demo for professional advancement
 :: a top-of-the-line recording
 :: a live recording

 :: mixing or mastering services
 :: radio commercials
 :: audio restoration
 :: or anything concerning the audio recording process...


 :: We value the artist, creating an atmosphere for maximum creativity and sound quality.
 :: A large tracking room for ensembles or your entire band to record at once.
 :: Two control rooms; one optimized for tracking and the other for mixing/mastering.
 :: Music Publishing - we take the hassle out by handling the details.
 :: CD Duplication, graphic design and packaging
 :: Artist promotion and development consultations
 :: Extensive Experience in projects small and large - Demos, Album-length CDs, Spoken word projects, Mixing, Mastering, etc.
 :: We house state-of-the-art recording equipment and mics!

 :: Pro Tools 10
      Hard Drives by GLYPH
 :: Universal Audio Apollo Quad
 :: DigiDesign Digi002 Rack
 :: 44 Input AMEK Big Recording Console
 :: Sony APR24 (2 Inch Analog Multi-track)
 :: Alesis HD-24 (digital multi-track recorder)
 :: 3 Alesis A-DAT XT20's (with BRC)
 :: Alesis ML-9600 (High Resolution Master Disc Recorder)
 :: Panasonic SV-3700/Panasonic SV-3800 (Professional Digital Audio Tape Recorder)
 :: Nakamichi MR-1 (Discrete Head Professional Cassette Deck)
 :: Sony MiniDisc Recorder

 :: Neve Portico 5024 Quad
 :: API 3124+
 :: 2 Focusrite Red 7's
 :: Black Lion B12A
 :: Langevin (Discrete Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifier)
 :: 4 Channel GAS Attentuator
 :: Mark of the Unicorn Midi Timepiece AV
 :: Lexicon MX1 (Multiple Effects Processor)
 :: Alesis Microverb III (16-bit Digital Reverb & Delay)
 :: Alesis Midiverb III (Simultaneous Multi Effect Processor)
 :: Lexicon Alex (Digital Effects Processor)
 :: Lexicon LXP1
 :: 4 DBX 163x's (Overeasy Compressor/Limiter)
 :: Delta Lab Effectron 2 (Digital Delay)
 :: BBE Sonic Maximizer 462
 :: Adam S3A
(Studio Monitors)
 :: Tannoy PBM 6.5
(Studio Monitors)
 :: Yamaha NS-10M (Studio Monitors)
 :: EV Sentry 500 (Studio Monitors)

 :: Microphones By - AKG, Audio Technica, Blue, EV, Neumann, Rhodes, Sennheiser and Shure

Son Sound Studios, Inc. :: 104 Bright Avenue - Bessemer City, NC  28016-8511 :: ph (704) 868-4807 :: fx (704) 868-2941
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